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Virginia Jinxe Swartz On 05/05/2013

Just wanted to say ever since we watch you in Deer Hunter and Bridges of Madison County and the ever funny with warmth "Its Complicated!" is my favorite. of all the actresses ive witness at the movies your my fave! look forward to seeing you in your next movie rather its singing or what ever it may be.- take care any many more movies to come.

CexBearma On 24/02/2013

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CexBearma On 21/02/2013

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CexBearma On 09/02/2013

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CexBearma On 05/02/2013

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XRumerTest On 03/02/2013

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CexBearma (link) On 04/11/2012

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immostats On 28/10/2012

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Wageaboomabum (link) On 25/10/2012

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ligmitgaism On 22/10/2012

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